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I am a multicultural scholar and higher education professional with growing expertise in community college leadership, graduate student success, student affairs, internationalization, organizational management, branding, and entrepreneurship. I have successfully led strategic initiatives involving wide-ranging collaborations with multiple and diverse stakeholders. Some of my interest areas also include learning theories, organizational theories, change in higher education, global citizenship, community engagement, and economic development. I am particularly invested in the following –

  • the American community college and it’s international adaptations
  • global citizenship initiatives for students and scholars
  • entrepreneurship in higher education
  • organizational leadership,
  • student affairs, and
  • public policy.

I have also enjoyed counseling, advising, and teaching postsecondary level students.

Are you interested enough to check out my CV? Here it is!

Currently, I serve as an assistant professor at Morgan State University’s Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy. I teach in the Community College Leadership Development program. My Morgan profile is at this link.

As a doctoral scholar at the University of Florida (UF), I promoted global engagement on campus as the Chair of International Committee at Graduate Student Council, lobbied for learning environment as a student government senator, promoted diversity as the Mayor of the University Village, and co-founded the Nepal Team of Engineers Without Borders. Before coming to Florida, I received second master’s degree under the Fulbright Program from the University of Pittsburgh, where I served the host community by volunteering for organizations such as A+Schools, Pittsburgh Regional International Student Ministries (PRISM), and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. I served in graduate student organizations including the Nepalese Student Association, which I led as president.

I served as Graduate Senator at UF’s Student Government and represented graduate and professional students from the Southeast region of United States at National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) as International Students Concerns Chair. I represented Nepali diaspora through United Florida Nepalese Association and Florida Association of Nepali Societies (United FNA-FANS) and Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA). Back home in Nepal, I am deeply involved in the higher education sector of the country and currently serve as the Regional Director of International Relations in the Mid-Western University. I have had the privilege of leading the young men and women in the regions while serving as the president of JCI Birendranagar (2010) and chairing the Surkhet branch of Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA) in 2009 and 2010.

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Thank you!

PS: I also blog on issues of my scholarly expertise/interest on this site, as you can see below. Thank you for visiting my website.
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