Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland –   August 2016- Present

Assistant Professor, Community College Leadership Doctoral Program

Selected Courses: EDHE606, Learning-Centered College; EDHE604 Community College Budget & Finance; EDHE607 Student Development in Community College, EDHE608 Technology in Community College

  • Serve in the curriculum evaluation committee; contribute to course development
  • Facilitate class discussions in face-to-face and online settings for working professionals
  • Advise doctoral students on their independent research; serving on their committees

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida –  January 2015 – August 2016

Teaching Assistant to Dr. Dale F. Campbell

Selected Courses:

EDH 6053, Community Colleges in America; EDH 7635, Higher Education Administration

  • Reformatted syllabus and added some curated resources for students
  • Used Moodle, Piaza.com, and Canvas platform to maintain websites to optimize interaction
  • Mentored new graduate students by sharing experience and materials
  • Provided students with one on one academic support as they carried out their projects
  • Provided program materials and guided students through projects leading to their potential dissertation research topics

 Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

English Language Teacher Educator for Surkhet Education Campus – May 2005 – August 2010

Selected Courses:

Research Methodology; Business English; General English

  • Provided academic support and advising to undergraduate and graduate students in English, Research Methodology and Applied Linguistics courses
  • Guided and provided feedback to student trainee teachers during simulated practice teaching
  • Mentored 5 students as they prepared projects leading to their masters theses
  • Reached out to prospective students to increase recruitment by 25%

 Part-time English Teacher for Birendranagar Multiple Campus –  August 2002 – April 2005

  • Led the teaching of compulsory business English courses for emerging business professionals
  • Increased student success rate in the national external examinations by 30%
  • Started and served as Editor-in-Chief for the annual student magazine of Commerce Department ‘The Voices’ to encourage student participation in writing and publication

English Language Teacher Educator for Narayan Campus, Daiekh – July 2000 – June 2002

  • Developed, designed, and led the teaching of English curriculum to Bachelors level students
  • Coached and persuaded students out of the fear of English language to take action for progress
  • Spearheaded language development initiative successfully increasing graduation rate by 150%

Institute of Higher Education, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida   

Program Director, Community College Futures Assembly – September 2015 – August 2016                                              

Supervised organization and management of Futures Assembly attended by 300+ higher education leaders including college presidents, trustees, and scholars of policy and practice

  • Supervised and hosted the 2016 National Policy Summit on Reverse Transfer cosponsored by National Student Clearinghouse and attended by state delegates and researchers
  • Strategically managed the budget of $188,850.00 to maximize participant satisfaction
  • Oversaw the hotel contract process; site visits; and hotel negotiations for conference arrangement
  • Developed value proposition and marketed the national events to obtain maximum participation
  • Organized webinar announcing finalists and providing support and instructions for presenters
  • Managed technical and other logistics for keynotes, breakout presentations, and breaks
  • Coordinated the operations and communications including the publication of policy briefs

Associate Program Director, Community College Futures Assembly –  July 2013 – August 2015

Provided project management and support for the Futures Assembly and National Policy Summit of higher education researchers, practitioners, and policy makers

  • Guided, mentored, and supervised staff and associates for project planning and implementation
  • Designed, developed, and managed interactive websites for the assembly, policy summit, and Bellwether College Consortium to receive nominations and applications
  • Conducted nationwide research to identified leading programs for possible nomination
  • Categorized identified programs into three areas: instructional programs and services (IPS); planning, governance and finance (PGF); and workforce development (WD)
  • Directed communications and publicity; booked speakers, entertainment, and photography
  • Selected menu and decor; oversaw design and purchase of conference materials
  • Organized keynotes, luncheons, and award ceremonies by coordinating with speakers, volunteers; and technical staff to provide necessary logistics

Carnegie Mellon University Career & Professional Development Center Pittsburgh, PA

Career Counseling Intern – November 2011- May 2012

Received complete training package developed by the Career & Professional Development Center and used theories and practical tools to assist students explore their inclinations and telents

  • Reviewed career documents including CVs and cover letters, and conducted mock interviews
  • Provided one on one career support to the graduate and undergraduate students and logged reports into the NACElink system
  • Provided career support for students from the departments of electrical and computer engineering, material science and engineering, and chemical engineering
  • Developed and organized workshops in career related topics including “Work Culture in USA” targeted to international students

Institute for International Studies in Education, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Project Associate – August 2010 – April 2012

Conducted research on a large mixed-method project commissioned by the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)

  • Examined the role of special interest groups in professional development organizations
  • Edited manuscripts produced by international colleagues for publication
  • Coordinated with staff and web developers to develop and update subject libguide for Comparative and International Education
  • Collaborated with professors to produce a technical report by benchmarking the Higher Education Management program against all similar programs offered in USA



Midwestern University, Surkhet, Nepal

Regional Director of International Relations – March 2015 – Present

Cultivated relationships with four prestigious universities and started joint professional development and scholarly projects

  • Secured Fulbright grant for curriculum development and leadership capacity development projects
  • Recruiting international students, and facilitate exchange programs between the students and faculty
  • Working towards obtaining multiple grant projects from the University Grants Commission and other international agencies
  • Provide continuous guidance for the team of administrative staff serving in the International Unit at the Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Develop projects to add international component in education, research, and engagement by collaborating with U.S. universities so as to gear up reading, writing, and critical thinking

 Yagya Peace Homes Academy,  Surkhet, Nepal

Principal –  October 2008 – March 2009

Managed administrative planning of academic, financial, and extra-curricular activities

  • Developed recruitment and career development plan for 35 academic and ancillary staff
  • Upgraded school status from lower-secondary to secondary level by demonstrating academic excellence and financial health of the institution exceeding local government’s requirement

International Partnership Coordinator  –  April 2007 – October 2008

  • Added international dimension to curriculum by establishing partnerships with UK schools
  • Developed, delegated, and supervised collaborative international projects
  • Increased enrollment and enhanced staff involved in environmental sustainability, international peace, and cultural exchange programs

Nepal Telecom, Surkhet, Nepal

Chief Assistant – Revenue –  October 2000 – March 2008

  • Forecasted revenue for preparing  budged and reconciled accounts with remote exchanges
  • Guided, mentored, and supervised 15 staff members who reported directly to this position
  • Compiled revenue reports, inspected, logged, approved, and maintained ledger
  • Prepared revenue reports and balance sheets for 5 telecom exchanges and reported to Chief Accountant Officer

Administrative Assistant –  April 2007 – October 2008

  • Computed revenue and expenditure of district telecom exchange to maintain main ledger
  • Provided administrative support to the Chief Accountant Officer in corresponding with central level authorities in the corporate office in Kathmandu

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