Lakes, Vegetation, and Landscaping Committee, University of Florida, Gainesville FL

Graduate Student Member, appointed by the Provost for 2015 – 2016

Provide input from educational angle (beyond functionality and ambience) to the University Land Use and Facility Planning Board regarding in planning of major landscape elements

  • Contribute toward creating an educationally conducive environment with enough cues to arouse and nurture the intellectual curiosities of students
  • Represent student voice toward the use of university spaces such as green space, open space, and significant architectural features

Student Government Senate, University of Florida, Gainesville FL

Graduate Senator Spring 2015 – Summer 2015

Advocated for sustainability, global engagement, and professional development agenda

  • Represented graduate and professional students; lobbied for graduate student identity
  • Authored the resolution to rename North Lawn into Global Garden as a celebration of UF’s international dimension and toward fostering international engagement on campus
  • Sponsored bills and resolutions geared toward making Gainesville community a better and cleaner place, e.g., the resolution to support the creation of bike-sharing program between the City of Gainesville and University of Florida


Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

Chair, Education and Entrepreneurship Committee, Fall 2015 – Present

Lead educational projects and advocate for the Nepalese Community’s educational advancement

  • Design programs to enhance and promote entrepreneurship among Nepali Americans
  • Advance the presidential agenda of enhancing Nepali identity in the USA


United Florida Nepalese Association Societies (United FNA-FANS), Florida

Member-at-Large, Summer 2015 – Present

Facilitated cultural assimilation, promoted Nepali culture in Florida

  • Assisted in the fundraising and humanitarian relief work for Nepal’s earthquake victims
  • Recommended and outlined the establishment of Sgt. Ward M. Johnson scholarship fund of Seminole State College in honor the marine, who lost his life while in humanitarian mission to Nepal in April 2015


National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS), Washington, D.C.

Southeast Regional International Student Concerns Chair, Spring 2015

Advocated for the increasing population of international students in the U.S. universities representing UF as well as 27 other institutions of higher learning

  • Researched the best practices of international student engagement in local communities and shared resources to demystify how US student body can be culturally enriched by the growing presence of international students
  • Collaborated with a Carnegie Mellon University Computer Engineer to share resources and ideas to develop an application (app) for international students – from applications to adjustment in the U.S.


Graduate Student Council (GSC) – University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

International Affairs Chair, April 2013 – March 2014

Lobbied and successfully established the position of international chair as a mechanism to represent the voice of increasing number of international students in the organization

  • Created five international coordinator positions and recruited leaders to foster international engagements between domestic and international students on campus
  • Delegated power to new student leaders to create momentum of extended collaboration with existing international student organizations
  • Collaborated with University of Florida International Center, the University of Florida Graduate School, University of Florida International Initiatives Team, and several other student organizations to supported and empower new international coordinators to carry out civic engagement projects
  • Developed and organized workshops to address international graduate students’ unmet needs as identified from the GSC survey; these workshops helped hundreds of graduate students, TAs and RAs develop critical skills for them to develop as better teachers, researchers, and professionals


Graduate Student Council – University of Florida                                          Gainesville, Florida

Graduate Affairs Chair, April 2012- March 2013

Extended collaboration with 25 student organizations, worked with various UF units, identified experts and publicized and better aligned the needs of graduate students with the resources and expertise existing within the campus community. Some of the organizations and agencies that I collaborated with are listed below —

  • University of Florida International Initiative Team (UFIIT) – to assist the design, marketing, and implementation of workshops relevant to international students
  • Mayors’ Council (MC) – to represent diverse international population in the University Village South and to engage the global community of scholars and their family members by designing multi-cultural programs to address their cultural and social needs while connecting them to support services such as the Career Resource Center (CRC)
  • PhD Moms – to address the needs of children’s school and safety issues
  • Career Resource Center – to publicize services and to persuade the graduate population to benefit from opportunities that CRC was offering for graduate students
  • Multicultural and Diversity Affairs (MCDA) – assisted Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (APIA) director to formulate mission and vision, invited diversity experts to present BEAD Who You Are diversity presentations to raise awareness of diversity among the graduate students
  • Indian Graduate Students Association (IGSA) – extended collaboration to organize cultural events and also to communicate useful information to the specific population served by IGSA
  • Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (FACSS) – addressed their new student welcome ceremony and introduced the services and involvement opportunities in the Graduate Student Council (GSC), collaborated to organize cultural events
  • Teaching Center, UF – invited learning expert Lauren Sandler to present on learning strategies to the international students, publicized their services and referred multiple graduate and undergraduate students to set appointments with the learning experts to cope with learning tips on note-taking, time management, stress management, and organizational skills
  • Student Legal Services – invited attorney Layne Prebor for presentations and workshops to international students about common legal issues, publicized the services provided by the unit by distributing flyers in multiple student gatherings


University of Florida Nepalese Students’ Association – Gainesville, Florida

President, April 2012 – March 2013

Extended membership, branded and enhanced organizational profile, addressed student needs by seeking professional expertise, and promoted leadership

  • Created leadership opportunities for the executive team members by organizing multiple programs, encouraging, supporting, and delegating leadership in order to promote leadership
  • Catered to the various needs of the constantly expanding community of Nepali students
  • Doubled the number of Nepali graduate students at University of Florida by demystifying the application processes to prospective students and by publicizing UF’s international dimension
  • Branded and enhanced solidarity among the community members by creating symbolic artifacts
  • Opened up cultural engagement opportunities by organizing open cultural events, and encouraging service learning, volunteering, and leadership
  • Won four different awards and numerous accolades by presenting Nepali cultural heritage to multiple international events including in the UF community and larger Gainesville community
  • Pioneered and modeled country showcases by encouraging volunteers to participate and serve as cultural ambassadors to culturally enrich local community while fostering multi-cultural sensitivity
  • Established a charity fund to support education projects in the developing world



Nepal English Language Teachers Association (NELTA) – Surkhet, Nepal

Chair, February 2009 – December 2010

Conceptualized, designed, and supervised the organization of the IInd Phase of 15th International Conference of NELTA in Surkhet, Nepal. Raised nearly $10,000 from general public, local government, natioal and international agencies for the success of the historic international event ever done in Surkhet, away from the cultural center of Kathmandu

  • Collaborated with the British Council, and the U.S. Embassy to secure logistics and keynote speakers
  • Recruited, guided, mentored, and mobilized 50+ volunteers to achieve professional development for 600+ English language teachers
  • Positively impacted educations aspirations of thousands of students in the region
  • Coordinated logistics for international cultural festival attended by 60,000+ people

ELT Choutari – Choutari Mentoring Program

Coordinator, December 2013 – December 2015

Developed the program to address a need of developing writing skills for Nepal’s teachers

  • Connected more than a dozen experienced writers from across the globe with budding writers of Nepal via the network of English Language Teachers
  • Provided resources, technology, and expertise for both mentors and mentees

Translating Success Initiative, from University of Florida – Gainesville, FL,

Expert Contributor, Fall 2013

Provided expert posts and stories to help international students understand the dynamics of adjusting and succeeding academically and professionally

  • Publicized the program to international students in multiple universities  
  • Encouraged internatioal students to contibute their stories to the repertoire for the benefit of incoming students

Junior Chamber International (Nepal), Birendranagar Jaycees – Surkhet, Nepal

LOM President, January 2010 – December 2010

Expanded and diversified membership and facilitated a historical establishment of independent women’s chapter in town

  • Organized and facilitated leadership development trainings as JCI Certified Trainer
  • Mastered and institutionalized Roberts Rules of Order for effective meeting procedures
  • Developed and successfully implemented strategic plan toward community building and youth empowerment projects

 International Student Speakers Bureau, University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

Speaker, May 2012 – Present

Presented cultural lessons to 200+ students at multiple public schools in Florida contributing to their international awareness

  • Conducted official program evaluation of the program under the guidance of Professor M. David Miller
  • Familiarized 15 teachers of various schools in Florida on classroom implications of South-Asian cultures

Blood Donors of America, Gainesville, FL

Member of the State Coordinating Board for the State of Florida, November, 2013 – October 2015

Coordinated blood drive on the occasion of Nepali New Year 2071 in April 12 at Lake Wauberg, Micanopy, FL

  • Designed and effectively marketed the event using social media and extended collaboration across organizations
  • Collected 25 pints of blood to kick of the beginning of 71-Good Things to mark the  calendar year 2071

Engineers Without Borders, Nepal Team, UF Chapter, University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

Co-Founder & Mentor, Fall 2013 – Fall 2015

Co-founded the Nepal Team under the UF Chapter of EWB-USA in collaboration with 2 extraordinary students from the College of Engineering

  • Supported the and sustained the Team’s official recognition and member recruitment
  • Facilitated partner recognition and communication leading to fundraising over $4500
  • Identified and project needs by facilitating communication with the local stakeholders in Nepal
  • Designed projects including water and sanitation for a school in Khanalthok of Nepal

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