Community college, student development, higher education policy; economics; instructional programs and services; internationalization of higher education; and on-campus global engagement


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Pathways of global engagement

Principal Investigator

This qualitative study explores U.S. undergraduate students’ social experiences (by analyzing in-depth constructivist interviews) with their international peers, using grounded theory. It proposes an on-campus model of global engagement by further reflecting on traditional design and environment that couldn’t translate the abstract ideas of global citizenship into effective practice. Practical strategies for promoting social interactions are presented, including the idea of a Global Garden toward addressing the need for a centralized effort that connects ideas to action in a way that makes sense to the young students, leveraging the power of symbols, artifacts, and space. The strategies for student engagement derived from the study are expected to be relevant for educators.


A policy analysis of the status and condition of higher education in Nepal


This study is to build a blue print for the establishment of community college system in Nepal. Data collection is underway by interviewing policy level higher education administrators and bureaucrats



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Commissioned Report


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American Education Research Association (AERA) – New York, NY – April 2018

Imagining Community Colleges in Nepal: A New Model to Prepare All Students For Success

Symposium Co-presenters: Bista, K.

American Education Research Association (AERA) – New York, NY – April 2018

Intermediary Agents and their Professional Services in Recruiting Nepalese International Students

Round table session Co-presenters: Bista, K.

Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) – Houston, TX – November, 2017

Providing Higher Education Alternatives to Non-Traditional Students: Studies on Community Colleges and Global Counterparts

Interactive Symposium
Co-presenters: Valeau, E.J.; Raby, R.; Tang, H.H.; Bista, K.; Gross, J.

International Conference of Qualitative Research (ICQI, 2017),  Champaign, IL, May 2017

“Racists? No, Philanthropists!” Greek Students’ Multicultural Experiences  through different theoretical Lenses

Conference Paper Session


Interlink Alliance Faculty Development and Leadership Conference                 Baltimore, MD

Let them Text it Away                                                                                          April 2017


Conference Paper Session



Interlink Alliance Faculty Development and Leadership Conference                 Baltimore, MD

New challenges, New Opportunities: Addressing Anxieties of Changing Paradigms

in the Graduate Education of STEM teachers                                                               April 2017


Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Prime, G.; Sekayi, D.; Ellington, R.


Interlink Alliance Faculty Development and Leadership Conference                 Baltimore, MD

Bringing Theory into Practice: Challenges Facing New Student Affairs Professionals                  April 2017


Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Marshall, T.; Perry, M.; Scott, J., Vilmar, C.; William, D.

Tourism Education Futures Initiative Walking Workshop, Solukhumbu, Nepal, May 2016

Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship: Implications for Nepal’s Development



World Education Research Association,  Washington, D.C.,   April 2016 

Third Space for Global Engagement

Conference Paper Session for the focal meeting at the Centennial AERA Meeting

Co-presenters: Campbell, D.; Miller, D.; Oliver, B.; Mendoza, P.; Koro-Ljungberg, M.                        


Harvard Graduate School of Education Student Research Conference, Cambridge, MA, March 2016 (accepted)

Allowing Ideas to Cross Borders

Co-presenters: Sekhon, K.  


Florida Society of the Social Sciences Conference, Gainesville, FL, March 2016

Panel – Moving On With Higher Education: Examining Enablers and Disablers of Social Movements in the Academy

Co-presenters: Forbes, T.; Beck, B.


Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference, Las Vegas, NV,   February 2016

Project 4.0:  Extensions of Past Collaborative Research

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Watson, D.; Koro-Ljungberg; and Ridgewell, N.


The Qualitative Report’s 7th Annual Conference (TQR2016), Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 2016

It’s not about the destination but the journey”: Complexities of long term research collaboration     

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Ridgewell, N.; Watson, D.; and Koro-Ljungberg, M.                        


The Qualitative Report’s 7th Annual Conference (TQR2016)For Lauderdale, FL,  January 2016

Virtual Data Collection Experiment: Don’t Put Me on the Spot!                                      

Conference Paper Session


Fulbright Association Annual Conference: Creating Pathways to Peace,  Atlanta, GA,  November 2015

Logical Steps toward Changing the World                                                                   


Florida Consortium of International Educators (FCIE)Gainesville, FL,   October 2015

Creating Actual Spaces for Global Engagement                                                            

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Campbell, D.; Richards, J.; Sekhon, K.                 


Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference,  Washington, D.C.,   March 2015

Re-examining the “Revisionist” Approach to Brain Drain in the Context of                         

A Post Conflict Country in South Asia

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Jeffery, L.; Bista, K.  


Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, March 2014

Re-Examining the Human Capital Theory: Return on Investment in Higher Education            

in OECD Countries

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenter: Villarreal, P.


Counseling Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 2014

Collaborative team work to assist international students’ adjustment and global exchange            

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Choi, C. –C., Toska, G., Germain, T., Anderson, D., Hui, K., Suh, H., 

Sasser, K. G., Fukuyama, M., Funderburk, J. R., & UFIIT.


Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Washington, D.C.,  November 2014

Headbump? Or Headway? American Student’s Perceptions of their

International Peers on Campus

Conference Paper Session


American Education Research Association (AERA), Philadelphia, PA, April 2014

What’s in It for Me? Native Students’ (De)motivations to Interact With International Students

Round Table Session


Council for the Study of Community Colleges (CSCC), Washington, D.C., April 2014

On-Campus Global Engagement: Student Perspectives from Community Colleges

Poster Presentation


Association of Institutional Research (AIR) Annual Forum, Orlando, FL,  May 2014

Greek Organizations’ Views of Intercultural Competency and Engagement

Poster Presentation


Florida Education Research Association Annual Meeting, Gainesville, FL, November 2013

Constructivist Study of Graduate Students’ Health Care Experiences

Conference Paper Session

Co-presenters: Lee, B.; Whitaker, W.; Ridgewell, N.; Koro-Ljungberg, M.; Watson, D.; Butcher, C.


Florida Education Research Association Annual Meeting, Gainesville, FL,  November 2013

Global Engagement on Campus: Domestic Students’ (De)motivations                                   

to Interact with their International Peers                                                                     

Conference Paper Session


Comparative and International Education Society Regional Conference, Pittsburgh, PA,  October 2011

Higher Education System in Nepal: A Victim of Politicking

Conference Paper Session




Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, February 2017

Effective Multicultural Teaching to Create Meaningful Learning                                          


International Education Week at Valencia College, Orlando, FL,    November 2015

Pathways to Global Engagement                                                                             


PECHAKUCHAxFulbright 20X20, Gainesville, FL, October 2015

Tools to Impact the World around You                                                                       

Organized by Fulbright Association North Florida Chapter, UFIC and Graduate School


No More Arms Race of University Ranking: Toward Benchmarking, Gainesville, FL, June 2013

Presented to a delegation of Brazilian scholars, hosted by the UF College of Education


Distance Education: A United States Scenario, Gainesville, FL,  June, 2013

Presented to a delegation of Brazilian scholars, hosted by the UF College of Education

Co-presented with: Dr. Pilar Mendoza


Florida College System Student Government Association, Gainesville, FL, November 2014

Annual Conference

How do We Change the World?


Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association’s International Conference  Kathmandu, Nepal,  February 2009

Developing Writing Skills through School Linking Programs        


Regional NELTA Conference at Birgunj, Birgunj, Nepal,  November 2009

Making student speak


Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association’s Local Meeting, Surkhet, Nepal, July 2008

Impressions of a Nepali English Teacher leader in an international conference


Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association’s District Conference, Surkhet, Nepal, January 2008

Teaching Grammar Can Be Fun                                          



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